There are a few different people who help contribute to our walk.  I appreciate their time and talents as they help raise awareness about Down syndrome.

Editor in Chief Cindy Fisher:  Raised smack, dab in the middle of a family of 10 kids, Cindy grew up in south-central Idaho hoeing beets and thinning rye in the summers, and swimming in canals for recreation. She graduated from BYU with a degree in print journalism, and after a brief stint as a reporter for a newspaper that went belly up, she is now a technical writer for a banking software company in Provo, Utah. Cindy and her husband Kulani have four girls and live in Cedar Hills, Utah. Cindy and Kulani train for triathlons together, cook meals together, watch the same TV shows together, enjoy the same movies together, and take pot shots at the same University of Utah fans together. Any complaints can be thrown at her at