Sunday, January 23, 2011

Catching Up

I need to apologize for my lack of updates over the last little while.  I don’t know what Christmas did to me, but I have yet to catch up.  Both work an school mixed in with family have left me little time to blog.  I intend to do better.

A First Christmas

Our Angel’s first Christmas was  a special one.  I had forgotten the spirit a little baby brings into the home.  It seems to be even more present during Christmas.  EC and Keena were so cute with their sister wanting to show her all the sights, sounds, and traditions of Christmas.  Santa decided to get some DVDs for her to learn sign language.  These DVDs, called Signing Time have been a family favorite.  Keena and EC watch them regularly as we try to help our Little Angel learn to communicate.


Angel’s First Road Trip

We were able to go and visit family in Idaho over the New Year.  It was Little Angel’s first road trip.  She loved it, especially all of the attention.  With her oxygen machine, we had to go a little white trashish and put some luggage on the roof of our van.  Ironically I forgot a piece to the oxygen machine so we had to track down an Idaho branch of Praxair.  They ended up just delivering oxygen tanks to get us through the trip, so we went all cousin Eddie for nothing.

My dad taught the kids a game he used to play with us as kids.  It is called “Fox and Geese”.  They all had fun.  It was a wonderful chance for us to go and visit family.a


Game rules:  Fox and Geese - This game is played after a snowfall. First the snow is tramped down in paths to make a big wheel with spokes and a hub in the center. One player is the Fox and the rest are the Geese. The Fox tries to catch a Goose (who then becomes the next Fox). Players must stay inside the paths. If a Goose steps off the path, that Goose is caught. The only safe place for a Goose is in the center (hub). But only one Goose is allowed to be in the center.

A Christmas Present for Austin

While we were in Idaho we ordered a Christmas present for Austin.  We just got the proofs.  There may be some minor changes, but we are anxious for the ground to thaw so it can be placed.


Updates & Milestones

  • Little Angel’s pulmonary hypertension seems to be better.  We have an appointment with the pulmonologist on Friday for an update.
  • She does have severe sleep apnea that requires oxygen at night.
  • She has acid reflux that which complicates the apnea and the pulmonary hypertension.
  • She has grown so much.
    • She can use both hands to hold things.
    • She reaches and grabs rattles and toys very well.
    • Just recently she has learned to reach and grab with both hands for something right in front of her.
    • She loves her play piano exersaucer.
    • She can sit in her bumbo.
    • She has started eating rice cereal and baby food.
    • She has started laughing.
    • She still sleeps through the night.
    • She has become pretty social and looks when you call her name and smiles a lot.
    • She easily rolls over on her own.
    • Little Angel communicates very well.  Keena was paying the piano about a month ago and when she would stop, Little Angel would start whimpering until she started playing again.  She did the same thing watching signing time with me this morning.



  1. What a great update. We loved having you here over the holidays. What cute girls you have.

  2. We missed you! Love the update. She is a doll and we lover her! My girls still talk about signing time. Wyatt even remembers some of the signs.