Friday, February 4, 2011

Hero Film Friday – Chad Robinson


I have known the Robinson family most of my life. You will not find a family with more charity, love, or faith. I have always admired their ability to handle adversity with smiles on their faces.  They are heroes in my mind.

Jed, the oldest son is a partner with me in my video business.

Chad, the youngest son. Here is his story as written by Jed and a video of his artwork.

Chad Robinson was born in a small town in south central Idaho. At the age of two he nearly drowned in an irrigation ditch at his home. Since the accident in 1984, he has been confined to a wheelchair, has limited fine motor skills and does not have the ability to speak.

Despite the ongoing challenges related to his accident, Chad has been able to move forward in regaining lost skills and gaining an education. Although he does not have verbal abilities, he uses other methods to communicate his wishes and opinions.  Chad graduated from high school in 2000 and has taken a couple of classes at the local junior college.

In June 2009, Chad began receiving professional art instruction. He learned about abstract art like that of famed artist Jackson Pollock and others. Since that time he has continued learning new techniques and composition skills. His teacher has developed a system whereby Chad chooses the medium, colors, tool or brush, type of papers or canvas and length of time spent working with a certain color or tool. He is very specific in letting his instructor know when he has completed a painting. Chad has created at least 40 paintings as of April 2010.


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