Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Apologize in Advance….

So before I post what you all are wanting to see, pictures, let me list some excuses…
  • 4 days of training in Phoenix for my work
  • 3 Cranial Bands Helmets for Little Angel
  • 7 trips to Fit Well in Salt Lake to try and get try and get the helmets to FIT WELL (GRRRRRRRRR)
  • 1 looong letter to Altius Insurance asking them to reconsider denying payment for Little Angel’s helmet
  • 7 four hour classes each Wednesday Night
  • 4 intense quizzes, 5 research papers (6-7 pages each), and 4 group projects
  • 1 AA meeting
  • 1 paper on the AA meeting
  • 1 nine year old turning ten
  • 1 American Idol Microphone for said 10 year old’s birthday party
  • 1 birthday party for said 10 year old
  • 1 trip to Idaho and a look at Austin’s newly laid headstone
I am sure there are more.  Needless to say, it has been a busy couple of months.  Things with our little Angel are going great.  She is such a cutie.  She has recently learned to wave and as usual is almost always all smiles.  We have been able to take her out where ever we go since the end of April.  She loves the new world she is experiencing and especially loves being outside.
She has had her helmet in one form or another since the end of March, but the time did not officially start until the first part of May.  To say this helmet experience has been a nightmare would be an understatement.  Our insurance denied the claim to pay for it, stating that it was not functionally necessary.  Jodi put together a multiple page (8-10 pages) letter full of studies and other information that we sent to them in our appeal letter.  They have denied that as well so we are appealing the appeal, but are doubtful it will do anything.  Some have suggested we get a hold of a news station so that they can raise awareness of our insurance’s decision.  We have not decided to do that yet, but are leaning against it.  I never even thought about the added cost that kids with special needs and unique situations cost before I had to deal with it.  I must say, it is worth every penny.
I wish the nightmare would only include the insurance.  The helmet company can’t seem to get it to work right on Little Angel.  She had sores on her head for most of April as they went through 3 different helmets trying to make it work.  They just have not fit right, and are constantly in her eyes.  Finally on Friday, Jodi called them she had had it.  She wanted our money back.  They told her to give them one more chance.  They were willing to pay for our gas, and had us talk to a different technician.  The changes seem to be better, but the jury is still out as to if this helmet is fitting right.  It seemed in her eyes again today so we will see (no pun intended).
Now let me go find some pictures…

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