Monday, October 4, 2010

You Need to Repent Dad!

So as I was tucking EC (7) into bed tonight, we got on the discussion of making mistakes.  I shared an experience I had when I was 8 or 9 where I had made a mistake.  I wanted her to see how I used my parents a lot when I was young to help me when I made poor choices.  She assertively turned it into a session where she was acting in a counselor type roll as she asked me how I processed the mistake.

"And how did you feel Dad?  Did you tell someone? Yes, you did!  Everyone makes mistakes Dad, but you fixed it!" and on and on.  You have to know EC and her kindness to appreciate her tone.  Not sure how this went from a session of how parents can help us when we feel  bad to a psychoanalyzing my ability to repent at 9 years of age.

It did not end there.  "And Dad, what did you yell at the game?"  I had taken her to the last BYU home game.  I thought about it and said, "Go Cougars!"

EC:  "Ya Dad, but what did you yell to that ref?"

In my defense it was a cheap shot that ruined a guys season.  You can see the play here.

So ya, EC asks what I said to the ref.

Me: "I yelled 'that was terrible'".

EC: "Yes Dad!  And did you ever say you were sorry?"

Me: "No"...

EC:  "Well Dad, you need to find that ref and apologize if you are ever going to feel better.  You need to repent".

GULP!  Now what do I do?  She has a point.  It was so matter of fact with no judgement in her voice.  She knew I had made a mistake, didn't love me less for it but wanted me to feel better and repent.  I left the conversation feeling a little ashamed, but very proud at the same time.  I think Duct Tape for me, or ear plugs for her are in order for her next Daddy/Daughter date to the game.


  1. Kids are pretty darn good at fostering humility in their parents... love the story.